4 Tips on Caring for Your Newly Adopted Puppy!

New puppy parents know how it feels like to bring home a tiny pup in their arms while the rest of the family cheers them on. A puppy parent’s life may revolve around their canine fur baby during the first few weeks of the pup’s homecoming, and to be honest, the little one deserves all the attention.

Your newly adopted fur baby may not be sure about where their mother dog is, how they landed at your place, or what to expect from the people carrying them often. Since you decided to take complete responsibility for the pup, ensure your furry baby is happy and healthy always.

While working towards that goal, look for dog insurance policies online. Cheap dog insurance policies can cover your fur baby for diagnosis and treatment during accidents, third-party liability, and pet emergencies. There are other plans providing your pet with broader medical cover, helping you make better financial savings on vet bills. Meanwhile, here are four tips that can help you in puppy parenting.

Cultivate patience

Let’s agree on this – every puppy is different. While some pups shy away or hide from humans in their new home, others can be high on energy and love warming up to people. So, allow your little one the time they need to get used to the human world. Once your pup trusts you, it won’t take long before they listen to your instructions and respond to you. Until then, you need to have faith that your pup will consider you as family sooner or later.

Prepare a schedule

Young puppies need to eat food and sleep at the correct times. So, you should plan your puppy’s day so they know what activity is bound to come next across the day. It would help if you knew puppies feel secure when things are predictable. So, ensure your puppy gets brief walks, some playtime, and other activities as per the schedule. Also, it would help if you allocated puppy duties to each person in the household, so everyone is equally responsible for your dear pup’s wellbeing.

Early crate training

Crate training is necessary, so your pup gets familiar with it. You need to ensure that your puppy gets comfortable spending time in the crate and doesn’t associate it with punishments. Purchase a container that is big enough for your pup to move around, sit, and stand comfortably. Once they get used to the crate, they may retreat for short naps or unwind when stressed out.

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Hire dog trainer

Having a dog trainer on board can help set your puppy on the path of good behavior. These sessions help your pet pup comprehend the human world and learn how to live with them to some extent. Certain undesirable puppy behaviors need to be corrected right in the beginning, and you as a pet owner need to skill up on how to react to your fur baby simultaneously. For a peaceful co-existence, there needs to be a consistent effort from both ends.

While these are some basic things you can work on together, there are a lot of other fundamentals you may need to get the hang of. Most of the puppyhood goes into providing well-timed nutritious food, adequate play and sleep, and behavioral training.

Through this monotony, your puppy may need medical backup in the form of dog insurance. Cheap dog insurance helps you support your young pup with quality health care in times of accidents and unanticipated pet health issues with only a little financial burden.

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