A Guide to Writing a College Application Essay and Get Enrolled

Every academic semester, hundreds of thousands of students apply to different colleges and universities with hopes of securing their dream course and degree. However, despite filling out all the application forms and giving all admissions tests diligently, students fail to secure their admission. And this all comes down to one single piece of paper, known as your college application essay.

Also known as a personal statement or even an SOP (statement of purpose), the college application essay is a common requirement of top educational institutions worldwide, with approximately 90% of US colleges and universities requiring one.

An application essay is a great way for a college to know more about a candidate. Every student has a unique story about their background, personality and even interests. And the reason it is an essential piece of document is that even if you have a poor academic background, your application essay can serve as your one last chance to appeal for your admission.

On that note, here a few brilliant tips to write a college application essay that will bag you that coveted college seat!

6 tips for writing a great college application essay

A college application essay can make or break your chances of getting admitted into your dream college. This is why you should be extremely careful while writing one. Follow the tips outlined below to get started!

  1. Read your essay instructions carefully

Your college admissions page will have a set of instructions outlining the way you need to write your essay. If you don’t follow the specific rules that you need to take care of when writing your dissertation help, the chances are that you might be missing out on vital information that you need to include in your essay’s content.

You will also learn about the word and page limit that you need to keep in mind while writing. This is why you must read your essay’s instructions as carefully as possible.

  1. Write a great introduction

Your introduction passage will be the first thing your college admissions reviewer will read. The officer will be reading your essay in a short period, so it makes sense to capture their attention right from the very start.

This is why you should put in enough effort to write a vivid introduction passage that captures your reader’s interest and keeps them engaged.Best Board Management

  1. Be yourself

It can be tempting to write your college essay by mimicking the voice and tone of an idea essay that you have in mind. However, in this way, Assignment Help Napier colleges will never know your original personality, your experiences, and your own tone of voice. In addition, your admissions officer will be reading several essays at once, and your essay will be just another one for them.

This is why if you want to stand out from the crowd, it is advised to use your own language, vocabulary and tone while writing your essay.

  1. Support your ideas with examples

Your application essay is essentially a glimpse into your life and how you view the world around you. Thus, if you want your reader to believe everything you are writing, you need to include examples to support your viewpoints. You can try to include some of your own past experiences as evidence. This helps to bring authenticity to your essay.

  1. Make a rough essay outline

Your application essay will consist of the following parts:

  • Introduction
  • Body paragraphs
  • Conclusion

And the points that you have to mention in your essay are:

  • Personal information
  • Academic history
  • Educational qualifications
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Reasons for applying to your college
  • Reasons for taking up your specific course
  • Future plans and goals

As you can see, you need to convey a lot of information through your essay. This is why it helps to make a rough essay outline where you can make paras and insert keywords for each of them. In this way, you will be better organized and plan your content when writing your final essay.

  1. Ask others to proofread your essay

If you want to submit a great college application essay, you will have to read your content multiple times to ensure no errors, typos, or spelling mistakes. However, it can help get a fresh perspective on what you have written. Thus, asking a friend, family member or even your teacher in school to review your essay can be a good idea. They will be more likely to notice mistakes that bypass you.

Final thoughts

A great college application essay can impact your admission officer and increase your chances of getting admission. This is why the next time you are writing your essay, incorporate the tips outlined above!

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