Break Into the Frozen Food Business With Custom Packaging Your Customers Will Love

Getting started in the frozen food industry is a great way to take your food brand to a national level quickly. Frozen goods travel well and last a long time, and there are a lot of places to distribute them nationally, but the competition is stiff at every level. You need to stand out on the shelf so your brand becomes a top choice for customers. That means having an eye-catching and consistent appearance that still manages to present the difference between product choices clearly.

One of the top choices for new brands in the last couple of years has been resealable pouch packaging. It not only keeps frozen food secure and prevents freezer burn, it also allows you to present your brand on your own terms and to easily customize packaging for each item you offer.

Stand Out in the Frozen Food Aisle

When you walk into the frozen food section of any major grocery chain and see the myriad choices from familiar national brands laid out like tilework with a range of colorful food choices and regularly repeated brand messaging, that is no coincidence. Companies work hard to create that kind of stand-out appearance across products, and it is easier when you have a uniform packaging type.

When you offer varieties of options to customers, you can create this kind of visual uniformity and presentation by using flexible packaging options that work for a wide range of foods. This is why mylar is such a popular choice for frozen food packaging. From stand-up pouches for items like skillet meals or pasta to large volume bags for family sized frozen dinners, there are a lot of options and ways to present your brand with a unified appearance and packaging material.

Since custom printing mylar is easy, you can also design packaging around the uniformity of the material and size options, creating the successful larger-scale presentation of options that you want your brand to make in a frozen food section at any store, large or small.

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Make a Lasting Impression With Your Brand

Before you can construct a larger and more imposing visual presence with your products on the shelf, you need to construct a single-package design that makes an impression on your audience. Since printed mylar bags take color and precise detail well, you have a lot of choices. In fact, you can do practically anything you can design, and the right packaging supplier will have people in place to help you make the most of those design options.

  • Visual elements including logos and branded imagery, custom artwork, or product photographs
  • Text messages in your brand voice as well as messaging around regulatory statements, ingredients, and nutritional information
  • Easily scale your branding to make room for required information on packaging at different sizes
  • Customize colors to present differences quickly across product options
  • Communicate freshness with a packaging choice that looks and feels like it keeps freshness in

There is more competition in the frozen food industry than ever, which is why you need to break into the market with a display that grabs consumer attention and presents all the choices you offer quickly. Custom printed mylar packaging is a convenient and cost-effective way to get there.

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