How Can You Have the Best Wedding Cakes?

So you’re tying the knot. You’re probably thinking about cakes available in bakery boxes right now. What the advantages and traditions of having one are, what style you should go for, and if cupcakes are an acceptable substitute. Here, you will get the help to answer these and other questions.

Wedding cakes are what you can observe since the medieval era. At that time, the bride and groom kissed over the top of the cake, which was designed to be as tall as possible.

Success in doing so without knocking the cake over was said to foretell a happy marriage. Most weddings in the 18th century included a bride’s pie. It was a dish from which all of the guests were expected to partake. It was regarded that failing to do so was both impolite and unlucky.

Some Historical Facts of Cakes

Placing a glass ring in the pie was also typical at the time. Also, the finder of the ring was reputedly next in line to be married. It was much like the bouquet tossing in contemporary weddings. Over time, ‘bride’s pie’ becomes a plum or fruit cake. Historically, the groom also got a special cake.

It was often a richer and darker sort of fruit cake, but this practice, too, gradually faded.

Sugar steadily got cheaper and simpler to get throughout the 1800s, coinciding with the decline in popularity of bride’s cakes. White frosting became popular on wedding cakes as a sign of purity and virginity. Richer households could purchase the most refined sugar and hence the clearest white icing, indicating their social standing.

Following its usage in Queen Victoria’s wedding cake, the phrase “Royal icing” was in use. Tiered cakes were popular during this period as a sign of wealth and luxury. It is because having numerous stacked desserts was costly.

Initially, the bride was solely responsible for distributing cake pieces. Also, consuming it was what the people were thinking to increase fertility. As cakes and guest lists increased in large, this proved impracticable, and it became customary for the groom to help.

Around this period, the bride and groom sharing a slice of cake became popular as another sign of their marriage.

Modern Cakes Give Your Varieties

Nowadays, wedding cakes will give you a variety of options, and almost any form of cake as per your demands. White frosted fruit cakes topped with figures are no longer the standard; instead, cakes are often customizable to match a wedding theme.

Cakes are what you can get in the colors of a wedding. You can have them according to the location or indicative of a passion shared by the bride and groom. If done correctly, this may be an absolutely gorgeous addition to the venue.

Personalized ‘toppers,’ which generally comprise edible miniatures representing the couple in their wedding attire, are still popular, despite the fact that they are no longer in use. Professional vendors will manufacture them by hand based on images of the groom and the bride’s final dress fitting and desired hairstyle.

They will often request color swatches that match the wedding color scheme, as well as to inquire about the nature of the groom’s suit and the bride’s bouquet. Small details like these may make a big impact when it comes to putting the final touches on the ideal cake.

Consider A Cupcake Tower

Another option is to go with the recently trendy trend of having a cupcake tower instead of a conventional cake. While this does preclude the option of cutting the cake, you may avoid it by having a separate cake to cut or by serving each other a cupcake each.

While cupcakes are typically available for sponges, they are adaptable enough that most flavors are possible. Also, they are adjustable to match the wedding colors with some inventive frosting.

There are several strategies to avoid spending your money on the cake. A simple yet lovely approach to do this is to get a plain store-bought cake and then top it with leftover flowers from the florist. If done correctly, this may be quite successful while also being far less expensive.

Sponge Cakes Over Fruit

Because of a personal choice, many individuals now prefer sponge cakes over fruit. A combination of the two is also rather common. A sponge is quite adaptable, and you can create it in a number of flavors other than vanilla, including coconut, carrot, lemon, coffee, and orange.

Wedding cake presentation choices are likewise many. Cake stands are usually available in wedding venues that host a lot of weddings. These are typically flat in order to enable the stack or tier that you can position on top. Other locations will be able to have tiered stands, which will enable each tier to be positioned independently on the stand.

Professional cake vendors will ensure that you will get full support for your cake. Also, in most cases, they will also put up the cake at the site. Naturally, if you make your own cake, you will be liable for this. Dowels (plastic rods) are what you have to insert in each cake in addition to standard pillars.

This is due to the fact that no amount of frosting, no matter how thick, will be adequate to support the cake on its own. Dowels are also necessary if your cake has layers; without them, the cake is likely to sink into itself, with the extra threat of total collapse.

Layered fruit and sponge cakes should always begin with a layer of fruit cake on the bottom since the sponge cannot support a fruit cake layer. The sole exception is in the case of a tiered stand.


If you bake your own cake or have a family member make it for you, keep in mind that you have to make it ready for putting it up at the venue. It’s usually worth asking the venue personnel if they have a protocol in place for dealing with this, as they could be willing to take it off your hands.

The actual cutting of the cake is, of course, a crucial component of the wedding day, and until then, the cake will serve as an important part of the room’s décor, which guests will no doubt expect to see and enjoy. Use bakery boxes with window when you like to give this cake to someone special.

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