How does a toolbox organiser work for storage?

Adding toolbox organisers to your toolboxes provides both extra storage and extra protection for your toolset. There are several different designs and styles of organisers, including boards, trays, compartment boxes, and rolls. Each is manufactured for a specific purpose and works according to that purpose. 

So how do these helpful organisers work to store your tools?

Tool roll 

The tool roll or wallet is a strip or fabric with several pockets and compartments that screwdrivers, spanners and similar implements can be inserted into. The organiser can then be rolled up and fastened with a strap and placed inside the toolbox. The toolbox will maintain the integrity of the roll and keep it dry and secure while in storage. A similar tool wallet is fastened by a zip. 

Tool-box insert organiser 

This type of organiser is a removable board fitted with elasticated straps or slots where the tools can be safely stored in size order or by function. The boards can be lifted directly out of the toolbox allowing tools to be used conveniently straight from the insert. The insert organisers provide a storage location that keeps your tools from damage caused by rubbing against each other and prevents scratches or loss. 

Organiser trays 

Plastic or foam organiser trays sit inside the toolbox and are removable and interchangeable. The trays are designed in various configurations and can be used for tools of any size. They keep tools safe from dampness and protect them from damage and a tray can be found for any size toolbox. The plastic trays are suitable for nearly all toolboxes.

Organiser trays have various-sized compartments that provide storage options for all kinds of tools such as pliers, spanners and screwdrivers as well as other items such as gaskets, rivets, lugs, screws and nuts. 

When the tools are required, the trays can be removed from the toolbox and placed near the job. They are sturdy enough to be free-standing. When the parts are used up, it is easy to replace them and return the tray to the box. 

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Tool organisers for specific tool boxes 


Available in a choice of two sizes, the tool holder is a plastic box that sits vertically inside the Taco Tool box. It is held in place with Velcro and pulls open at the front to access the tools. 


This toolbox organiser is a flat board that sits inside the Rhino tool case and offers a choice of two designs, either modules or pockets to keep your tools stored safely and conveniently. Each side of each board has twenty-three tool pockets or modules, with an extra fifteen on the board that sits on the base of the tool case. To use, remove the board and insert the tools you prefer then insert back into the case. 

Go Basic

The Go Basic Tool Case also has optional interior organisers. They come in three options, namely module, pocket or loops, for extra secure and safe tool storage. 

The toolbox organiser tidies up your toolbox and gives you better access to all your equipment. For more information about styles, ask the experts at RSOnline. 

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