Online Social Science Coaching: Tips to Follow

Among various academic subjects, social science is also an important one for students. In secondary classes, social science is divided into history, geography, and political science. In senior secondary classes, students who opt for the humanities stream, study more social science divisions such as legal studies. These subjects are quite theoretical and detailed. 

To ensure that students find these subjects easy to understand and learn, several coaching centers are running. With better flexibility, convenience, and comfort provided, online social science coaching programs are also there. Let us discuss some tips that online educators can follow for giving effective social science coaching to students. 

Tips for teachers to give effective social science coaching online 

  1. Use technology to teach

To sell courses online better and teach social science effectively, using technology is quite beneficial. Understanding the detailed theoretical lessons from the textbooks becomes difficult for students. Also listening to the teachers reading out the textbook material becomes boring and less engaging.

To make students more interested in history, geography, and political science, technology helps. By using online teaching apps and sites, teachers can access several audio-visual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, visual notes, and more. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and quicker. 

  1. Make a proper study material

History, geography, and political science lessons are quite detailed and lengthy in the textbooks. This may be less engaging, less understandable, and time-consuming for students. For giving effective social science coaching online, make sure to develop proper study material. Research well and make good and understandable reading content. Along with reading, have practice questions too. Include maps and interesting picture cards too. In the case of asynchronous learning, make sure you provide easy access to recorded lectures and videos for better understanding. 

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  1. Ask students to come to the classes regularly

For effective social science education, students need to come to the classes regularly. Online courses offer greater flexibility, convenience, and comfort, and hence maintaining regularity in the classes is easy. By being irregular, students will not only the topics being taught on that particular day but also the understanding of further lessons is affected. So ask your students to maintain regularity and punctuality by joining the class link on time. 

  1. Give homework every day

For effective online classroom teaching, students’ self-efforts are equally important. Ask your students to be accountable and self-study every day. To make students more into social science self-studies, giving homework is quite important. Whatever topic you teach in the class, give its reading and learning homework to students. You can also research some interesting topics on which students can do creative work, answer framing, and more. This will make students more consistent with learning and they will come to the classes well prepared too. 


  1. Have participatory activities

To sell online courses better, having some effective activities in the classroom is important. Teachers explaining the topics whereas students simply sitting as mere listeners by mics on mute mode won’t work. Practice a teacher-centered approach to teaching which means making students vocal in the classroom as much as possible.

To do so, teachers must conduct interesting participatory activities in the class. Group discussions, recitations, question-answer rounds, debates, and presentations are some of the examples. This will help students to share their thoughts, and ideas and get instant feedback from the teachers to improve and enhance knowledge. Students’ concentration and attention in the classroom are also enhanced this way. 

  1. Conduct regular tests

Social science is a detailed subject. If students don’t study regularly, they keep piling up the lessons that later become difficult to understand and learn all together. To make students more consistent with their studies, make sure to conduct regular tests. For example, after completing two or three lessons, plan for a test. 

This will make students learn in smaller portions every day. In the case of asynchronous learning, you can mail students the assessment or mock test and ask them to submit it after completion. In online live classes, you can take a pen-paper test, oral tests, or in the form of online quizzes, multiple-choice question worksheets, and more. 


The detailed social science lessons become difficult for students to understand and they prefer to go for online coaching. By following the above-mentioned tips, online educators can give effective social science coaching. This will help them to provide students with a clear academic understanding and ensure their growth and development. 

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