Outer Banks Characters – Season 2 – Rafe Cameron

In the popular sitcom Outer Banks, Rafe Cameron is a character. He is the older brother of Sarah Cameron and Wheezie Cameron. During his early years, Rafe struggled to live up to his father’s expectations and is a victim of drug addiction. He makes many bad decisions in order to impress his father and scrape money from Barry, his drug dealer. However, Rafe does not get off easy and is not always honest with his family or friends.

Paranoid Self-Reflection

This season, Rafe comes to terms with a flipped life. In the season premiere, Rafe is undergoing a paranoid self-reflection. His upbringing and lifestyle have blinded him from his true self, so he is forced to confront his past and find himself. Rafe faces a fork in the road as he decides whether to take responsibility for his past or listen to the lies he’s been telling himself.

While Rafe is not as cold as he seems, he is clearly a danger to his family and friends. Once Ward is out of the picture, Rafe’s character will be forced to “man up.”

Main Reasons Rafe Cameron

Insecurities are one of the main reasons Rafe Cameron is so impulsive. The insecure actor becomes defensive when someone criticizes his decisions or his opinions. He tries to prove that he’s the best person in the world, but he is prone to becoming defensive when people disagree with him. He is a true entertainer, but his lack of empathy means he is not a good role model for those who are sensitive.

Rafe’s motivations are complicated, but he ultimately becomes the man of the family when his father commits suicide. Unfortunately, Rafe’s father becomes a villain through less than admirable means: he killed his own sister to please him and become the head of the Cameron family. It’s also worth noting that he attempted to kill his sister as a way to finish the job.

Murder Several Times

There is no doubt that Rafe is a s—y guy, but that doesn’t mean that his character is in any way less of a villain than he was in season one. In fact, Rafe has been a villain for most of the show, and he has a tendency to become a victim himself. He has also been accused of murder several times. The truth about his past is the best revenge.

Rafe Cameron has managed to catch the attention of the audience in a way that few other characters have been able to. As an actor, Drew Starkey has proven his ability to play the role of a real man. With his talent, he has made Rafe Cameron seem so real. The acting skills he possesses are impressive. There is nothing more frustrating than watching a character die, but the show continues to keep you watching.

Who Struggles to Find his Way in the World?

In the final episode, Rafe and Barry attempt to get back into the good graces of their father. He also try to strangle Sarah when she returns home. However, Rafe fails to save Sarah from a mugging, and they end up being separated for the rest of the series. Rafe is a man who struggles to find his way in the world. In the episode, Rafe and his girlfriend try to get back together, but the tension is too much to handle.

Final Words:

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