The time to play is much more enjoyable with toys! All ages of children it is important to know the safety tips to follow. Here are our top suggestions to ensure your child’s safety as they play!

Size is crucial.

Be sure that the toys you choose to buy aren’t too small, or too big to use by your kid. The toys should be at least 1.25 inches wide and 2.25 inches long so that they won’t get consumed. Coins, marbles, tiny beads and balls shouldn’t be used by children who might try chewing on them. Be sure to ensure that the toy doesn’t break to smaller bits.

It’s also crucial to ensure that a toy isn’t overly large as well as heavy enough for your toddler to enjoy. Always ensure that they can lift it by themselves toy, and use it at ground at a level that isn’t above their heads.

Look for sharp edges.

The baby may place the toy in their mouth or eyes Therefore, there should not have sharp edges. Be sure to choose toys that are soft or are made from soft rubber, with dull or rounded edges. You can shop Wwe Figures for kids in Pakistan.

Make sure the toys can be washed.

If you’re unable to clean a toy, ensure you have a method to disinfect it, whether with wipes or sprays. Your child is likely to be sharing toys with children, caregivers or even you, or they could drop the toys in dirt, grass or on unclean surfaces. Make sure you regularly clean and/or disinfect toys safety tips. This is especially important during the flu and cold seasons.

Find labels.

Age labels should specify the appropriate age at which children can play with the toy. Materials or art kits must labeled non-toxic. All art materials sold throughout the U.S. should say ASTM D-4236 on the packaging meaning assessed through the American Society for Testing and Materials as non-toxic.

Watch your child carefully as they play for the first time with a brand new toy.

While playing independently is wonderful, especially when they are first getting to play playing with a new toy ensure that you supervise their play time to ensure they’re playing in a safe manner. If you notice any problems make sure you correct them before they become a problem or think about getting rid of the toy if it seems unsafe.

The toybox too is important!

Think about buying a toybox without a lid, since kids can get their fingers stuck to lids. If the lid is present you can choose one that isn’t heavy or slide. Also, some children would like to climb into their toy boxes and so you should seek out a container with ventilation holes in the event that they try to climb in.

Best Toy Safety Tips

  • When making an item such as a plaything  be sure to follow the directions. Things that are not put together correctly can be damaged and cause dangerous choking hazard.
  • Packaging and plastic bags are hazardous. Also they can get stuck inside the mouth or put on top of the nose. There are many other things that can cause the suffocation. Infants and toddlers may suffocate from pieces of plastic that are stuck on their noses and mouths.
  • Do not ever leave the room, and never do not leave children unattended.
  • Children, particularly babies and infants, must closely watched throughout playing with toys and games. Do not ever leave the room, and never do not leave children unattended.
  • Do not mix toys for babies with toys for older children. Small blocks are particularly appealing to children who are younger. Put toys for older children away in boxes. Also Encourage older siblings to tidy up the toys in their bins.
  • When toys fail, dispose of them! Don’t store old toys in the house. Make sure to check your toys regularly for loose or broken parts as well as sharp edges.


Toy storage is essential. The presence of toys on the stairs can create a situation where family members slip and fall. The toys left on the ground can be swallowed by toddlers. Also online store toys for babies apart from toys that are for children older.

Toys with motors and wheels could entrap fingers or even entangle hair. Be aware of children when playing when playing with these kinds of toy safety tips. Even toys designed specifically for toddlers could pose problems.

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